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Through It All

Through It All is a Chinese drama produced by Singapore's free-to-air channel, Mediacorp TV Channel 8.


*Li Nanxing as Guo Xianghai
* as Guo Yihai
*Jesseca Liu as Huang Qianyun
*Apple Hong as Cen Anqi
*Jeanette Aw as Cheng Xiaoxuan
*Richard Low as Huang Baiwan
*Darren Lim as Wu Ximing

Jeanette Aw's role in this show was initially meant for another Mediacorp actress, Felicia Chin. But due to filming commitments in Malaysia, the role was given to Jeanette.

Three Women and A Half

Three Women and A Half 三个半女人 is a drama series in Singapore filmed and screened on MediaCorp TV Channel 8 in 2001. It starred Huang Wenyong, Aileen Tan, Huang Biren, Lin Meijiao and Vivian Lai.

Nominations & Awards

The serial was nominated and won awards at the Star Awards 2001 such as Best Drama Serial. Huang Biren and Aileen Tan were nominated Best Actress for the show, which Aileen won, while Huang Wenyong was nominated Best Actor. The show has also achieved the highest viewership of the year during its telecast.

The Vagrant

The Vagrant is a Chinese drama. It was produced by Mediacorp, a television station in Singapore. The cast includes Mediacorp's Ah Ge, Li Nanxing, Huang Biren, Zhang Yaodong, Le Yao, Huang Yiliang, and Tracer Wong. ''The Vagrant'' was one of the highest rated drama serials in 2002.


The story centers around a young man, Ah Bao , who grew up in a violent environment and how he deals with life after his term in prison. At the age of 21, Ah Bao landed up in jail after his friend and girlfriend betrayed him during a robbery he took part in. While in jail, Ah Bao plotted his revenge against the people who betrayed him.

Upon his release from prison, he discovers that his friend is now mentally retarded and that his friend's ex-girlfriend has remarried. He learns that the couple has left behind children, who are abused by their foster family. Feeling sorry for them, Ah Bao decides to take care of the children.

Ah Bao ends up renting a place from Shushu , a chicken rice seller, who is infamous for her weird temper. Living under the same roof, Ah Bao learns that Shushu's temperament is due to her husband's betrayal when she had breast cancer. As time goes by, the couple discovers the nicer side of each other and learns about trust again.

Just when life seems to be turning better for Ah Bao, he discovers the truth about his downfall 10 years ago. He decides to uncover the mastermind behind. Is Ah Bao taking a wrong step in his life again?


Main Cast

*Li Nanxing as Ah Bao/ Liu Xiaoming
*Huang Biren as Gan Shushu

Supporting cast

*Edmund Tay as Ah Lang
*Huang Yiliang as Huang Jinlang
*Huang Shinan as Du Wei
*Joey Swee as Cecillia
*Ang Ching Hui as Ke-ai
*Zhang Jiaqi as Kele
*Tracer Wong as Mao Nana
*Yao Wenlong as Liu Dehua/ Yiyang Zi
*Zhang Yaodong as Gan Yuan
*Le Yao as Xiaomin
*Lin Xiangping as Song Xintian

Nominations and awards

Star Awards 2002

*Won: Best Actor, Li Nanxing
*Won: Best Supporting Actor, Huang Yiliang
*Nominated: Best Supporting Actress, Tracer Wong
*Nominated Best Drama Serial
*Nominated: Young Talent, Ang Ching Hui

The Undisclosed

The Undisclosed is an action thriller drama produced by Mediacorp TV Channel 8. The drama made its debut on 3 April 2006 in Singapore, and ended its run on 28 April 2006.

This is the first drama Li Nanxing acted in after his divorce with Yang Libing.

This show was ranked at 9th position for Year 2006 in terms of viewership ratings, while Li Nanxing won the Best Actor award in the Star Awards 2006 for his role in this drama.

It is currently re-broadcasted starting from 16 June 2008 at every weekday night, 11pm on MediaCorp TV Channel 8.


Carol, who works in a bank in Hong Kong, returns to Shang City to throw her wedding dinner after her marriage to a Hongkonger, Superintendent Cheng Musheng in Hong Kong. She disappears on the 2nd day of her return after meeting up with her longtime buddy, Rachel. Yan Kexin, a detective who knew Carol in their university days, volunteers to take on the case and devotes all her time to locate the missing Carol. Meanwhile, Musheng also embark on a relentless search for his fiancée with the help of Rachel.

During the investigation, Kexin discovers that there may be a plot against Carol by her stepmother, Zeng Bixing and her son Zeng Tianci due to a will left behind by Carol's mother. Musheng also discovers that members of a secret society are also looking for Carol. Just then, someone claims to have spotted Carol. Does this mean that Carol is still alive? Why did she pull a disappearing act? Did she concoct and set up her own disappearance and how did she get herself involved with the secret society?

The case becomes more intriguing when Carol's body was discovered. With the combined efforts of Kexin and Musheng, both of them began to unravel the evil mysteries revolving around Carol's disappearance.


Main Cast

*Li Nanxing as Cheng Mu Sheng
*Huang Biren as Yan Ke Xin
*Constance Song as Rachel

Supporting Cast

*Ong Ai Leng as Carol
*Andrew Seow as Zeng Tian Ci
*Zhu Hou Ren as Longtou
*Rayson Tan as CK Chong
*Huang Shi Nan as Ivan
*Brandon Wong as Raymond
*Kyle Chan as Roy
*Chen Guo Hua as An-ge
*Weng Xing Ang as Steven


It is rumoured that The Undisclosed seems to be copied from the American drama,

The Unbroken Cycle

''The Unbroken Cycle'' is a drama series produced by MediaCorp , starring Singapore actors Fann Wong and Thomas Ong. A television adaptation of a mystery novel by Singaporean novelist Wu Weicai about the fate of two star-crossed lovers over three lifetimes in pre-war , post-war and modern Singapore, this 1996 drama serial won Fann Wong her first regional nomination as Best Actress at the Asian Television Awards.


* Fann Wong - Ye Qin, Li Xiangmei, Zhu Zhiyue aka Xibao
* Thomas Ong - Zhou Xinghuan, Zhang Hai

The Unbeatables III

''The Unbeatables III is a 30-episode Singaporean drama serial which was telecast in 2003 and is a drama serial by MediaCorp. It is the second sequel of The Unbeatables series.


Main Characters

*Li Nanxing as Yan Fei
*Zoe Tay as Luo Qifang
*Lee San San as Jiang Yexue
*Cai Yiwei as Yan Xing
*Willy Liu as Yan Xing
*Tay Ping Hui as Luo Shenfeng/Luo YingFeng
*Huang Yiliang as Huang Yunjiu

Supporting Characters

*Chen Shucheng as Yan Kun
*Zhu Houren as Long Tingguang
*Vivian Lai as Dong Meiyao
*Allan Wu as Ding Wei
*Joey Swee as Ding Jiajia
*San Yow as Jiang Xueming
*Wang De Yuan as Wu Youkang
*Henry Thia as Ding Shiyi
*Le Yao as Jiang Xiaotong
*Jin Yinji as Auntie Qian


Ever since he defeated Ye Zhong, Yan Fei had decided to bow out of the gambling scene. However, things were not as peaceful as he had hoped. His wife, Luo Qifang, got embroiled in a mysterious case of casino murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Eight years have passed and Yan Fei has become the most philanthropic gambler king on Coral Island. His generous deeds greatly move the authorities that they decide to release Qifang on a reduced sentence. Just then, illusionary gambler Luo Shenfeng challenges Yan Fei to give up his monopoly of the gambling business. Yan Fei refuses and thus gets into several rounds of tussles with Shenfeng.

Yan Fei’s grown-up son, Yan Xing, is finally back from abroad. The latter dreams of being a reigning gambling king just like his father. To his great disappointment, his father forbids it and refuses to pass on any of his skills to him for fear that he’ll get enmeshed into the whirlpool of the gambling scene.

Instead, Yan Fei chooses to impart his skills to his 3 disciples, Wu Youkang, Dong Meiyao and Ding Wei, in the hope that 1 of them can take over his gambling empire. But because of this decision, Yan Fei creates a rift in his relationship with his son. The rebellious junior decides to go against his wish and makes a bid for the coveted throne as well.

Antagonist Huang Yunjiu, changes his looks and poses as a professional gambler so he can rid Qifang to avenge his wife’s death. He first befriends Luo Shenfeng to join forces against Yan Fei. Later, he schemes to ensnare the gullible Yan Xing into his plot of revenge by baiting him with the promise of the gambling king’s throne.

Yan Xing succumbs to temptations and acknowledges Yunjiu as his mentor. He turns his back on his parents, breaking their hearts. Huang Yunjiu sends assassins after Qifang but a nurse, Jiang Yexue, saves her. Yexue was once forced into an immoral deal with Luo Shenfeng when she tried to pay off her brother’s gambling debts. Luckily for her, Yan Fei appeared and helped her out of it. Since then, she begins to develop feelings for him.

One of Yan Fei’s disciple, Dong Meiyao, turns out to be Yunjiu’s daughter. She is forced by her father to betray Yan Fei, thus causing the latter to lose his memory. Yan Xing makes use of this opportunity to force his mother back to the gambling arena. With no one to turn to, Qifang is at a loss. The discovery of her amnesic husband’s amorous relationship with Jiang Yexue adds to her sorrows.

Yan Fei finally regains his memory. When he finds out his son had forced his mother into a life and death gamble, he decides to take his wife’s place, hoping that he can bring back Yan Xing’s conscience.

The Unbeatables II


*Li Nanxing as Yan Fei
*Zoe Tay as Luo Qifang/Long Jiajia/Huang Yuefang
*Zhu Houren as Long Tingguang
*Chen Shucheng as Yan Kun
*He Weiming as Yan Xing
*Liu Qianyi as Huang Wu
*Kenneth Tsang as Ye Zhong
*Chew Chor Meng as Ding Zhaohui
*Zio Zio Lim as Huang Jia-er
*Cassandra See as Luo Wenxin
*Yu Rongguang as Zhuang Weicheng


Set 4 years after end of The Unbeatables I.

In Las Vegas, a senior of Long Tingguang, Ye Zhong, was having a gambling competition with four other gambling sorcerers from around the world. After he won the game, the media present at the event claimed him to be "King of Gamblers". He refused to accept the title, and instead showed 4 different people on the screen and did the introduction:
* King of Deception, Long Tingguang - turned insane after he lost a gambling match to Yan Fei four years ago.
* Queen of Gamblers, Luo Qifang - rumored to be dead.
* King of Gamblers, Yan Kun - disappeared after his son won the match against Long Tingguang.
* New Generation King of Gamblers, Yan Fei - still active and his gambling skills has improved.

Ye Zhong declared that only when he beats Yan Fei on the gambling table will he be fit to be the "King of Gamblers".

Although Wenxin kept telling him that Luo Qifang is dead, Yan Fei insisted otherwise. Over 4 years, he travelled the world with his and Qifang's son, Yan Xing, hoping to find Qifang. When Yan Fei and Yan Xing got back to Coral Island, Wenxin refused to meet both father and son. As the pair stood in the rain waiting, Wenxin had series of flashbacks.

* 4 years ago, Qifang took a bullet in the head for Yan Fei. Before she went for surgery, she wanted Wenxin to promise her 2 things: let Yan Fei have the custody of their son, and if the surgery is successful, she doesn't want anything to do with Yan Fei anymore. After the surgery, Qifang lost her memory and forgotten her past with Yan Fei. Wenxin decided to fulfill her promise by faking Qifang's death, sending her to Switzerland, and giving her a new name - Huang Yuefang, and a new father - Huang Wu.


* Locations shoot includes San Francisco and in the US.