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The Homecoming (TV Series)

The Homecoming is a Singaporean drama being telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. It made its debut on 3 April 2007, and ended its run on 30 April 2007. The show consists of a total of 20 episodes.


Main Cast

* Li Nanxing as Dong Wei Hong
* Constance Song as Sessy
* Rayson Tan as Chen Han Yuan

===Supporting Cast

as Sandy
as Huang Zhen Fa
*Odie Ng as Qian Yi
*Brandon Wong as Lai Guo Qiang
*Lai Kai Thai as Ah Long Jiu
*Ong Ai Leng as Sessy


Dong Weihong returns to Singapore from the United States with his 9-year-old son after many years. He catches up with his old-time army buddies, Chen Hanyuan , Lai Guoqiang and Huang Zhenfa to reminisce the past. Although they shared a secret past, they have now taken different paths in their life. Weihong, who is jobless, helps out in Zhenfa's car dealing business, while Hanyuan is a successful lawyer. On the contrary, Guoqiang earns a living by becoming a professional "scapegoat" for criminals. Before too long, the past catches up and the old feelings of betrayal start to brew among them.?

The four friends committed arson and were sentenced to jail and caning many years ago. But Hanyuan was given a heavier sentence: He was given an extra stroke of caning. That was because he was the one who instigated his friends to commit arson, effectively making him the true leader of the crime. However, nobody else would have known of that fact, unless one of his friends betrayed him to the police. Deeply traumatized, he vowed to find out which of his friends betrayed him. To find out the real culprit, Hanyuan stops at nothing, causing harm to those around him...

A love triangle began between Hanyuan, Sessy, Weihong and Qing Yi. Qing Yi, being a childhood friend of Weihong, was in love with him for a long time, but yet Weihong doesn't reciprocate. Weihong's return threatened the relationship between the married couple Hanyuan and Sessy, because Sessy still has feelings for Weihong. His mind slowly being deranged, Hanyuan is becoming suspicious of Sessy and Weihong, and he even grew to believe that it was Weihong who betrayed him many years ago.

Possible award winner

* Many audience, executive producers and entertainment industry players have said that one of the lead actors of the show, Rayson Tan, is a possible ''Best Actor'' winner in the upcoming Star Awards 2007. This was due to his real and excellent portryal of a scheming lawyer who later turned crazy.

Viewership Ratings

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