Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Invincible Squad

The Invincible Squad consists of six short stories that evolve around mysterious and unusual cases that require a special team to solve.

Heading the special task force is Z whose bright future with the police force was cut short when he dipped into depression after his wife disappeared mysteriously.

The task force also consists of Si Feng , a loner with an unhappy childhood and Zi Ling Phyllis Quek, a psychic who is secretly in love with Z.


*Xie Shaoguang
*Phyllis Quek
*Jeff Wang


Red Heart

Investigation and the search for a killer start when Z is struck by a series of death nearing accidents. The ML task force narrowed it to Zhenbang , a previous instructor of the Special Force, mentor and best friends with Z till the day he was arrested for corruption. Resentful and bitter, Zhenbang blames Z for exposing his guilt and is relentless in his pursuit for revenge. Unknown to the rest, he has planted a bomb in Zi Ling's cellular and later, he proceeds to kidnap Z's daughter, demanding a ransom for her return. While a time bomb is ticking away unnoticed in Zi Ling's mobile, will Z follow his mentor's footsteps and cave it to bribery in order to raise money? Can he ever get himself out of this situation?

Red Delusion

Possessing psychic abilities, Zi Ling has an ominous premonition of death. She learns later that her brother has been arrested for killing his wife's lover. Her brother Zi liang is suffering from a strange illness. Suspecting his wife for sorcery and infidelity, he attacks his wife and murders her lover. During the attack, he suffers from a fall and he takes the opportunity to feign amnesia to avoid the law. Zi Ling and Si Feng are bent to recover his memory, the reason behind his wife's infidelity and more importantly, the cause of his elusive illness.

Evil Shadow

Two gangsters are murdered and fingerprints found at the crime scene point to a triad leader Wang Shuqiang who has been dead and cremated. Huishan , the daughter of Shuqiang is also on the hit list. The task force suspects power strife within the triad. The task force needs to find out who is the mastermind behind these killings, and whether Shuqiang is really dead. The mystery deepens when the ashes of Shuqiang are found in the hands of Huishan, confirming his death. Can the dead resurrect to exact vengeance or is it just a case of foul play?

Buried Alive

Parental abuse has distorted the mind of Wenqing , a seemingly good-natured man who hides a dark streak behind his demeanour. Having a fetish for older women, he lures them through the Internet only to subject them to psychological torture. He buries them alive if they do not cave in to his demands. Zi Ling discovers his activities and is abducted. Z also falls in Wenqing's trap while searching for Zi Ling. They are thrown into coffins with the impending fate of being buried alive. Can they ever crawl themselves out of this situation? Will the truth remain buried along with their mysterious disappearances?

Abandoned Baby

The ghost of the mental patient seeks Zi Ling's help in locating her baby. Upon investigation, the ML task force discovers her identity as an illegitimate daughter of a wealthy man. The wealthy man's wife tries to stop them from pursuing this case and to no avail. The wealthy woman has a grandson who is in need of a kidney transplant and she is suspected of collaborating between the Chief Nurse and resident doctor. It was discovered later that in her bid to harvest a suitable kidney, the wealthy woman had instructed for an impregnation of the mental patient. The important task for the team is to locate the missing baby and stop the kidney transplant procedure before it is too late.


The puzzling reappearance of Z's wife who has disappeared years ago troubles Z. She tells him that she is back to take her child Wei Wei back. While Z battles with domestic problems, the ML task force is puzzled by a case where a professor was found dead with a postmortem analysis of him having gold ribs. Tingguang, a boyfriend of the professor was suspected of murder but the investigation comes to a dead end when he is also murdered. Meanwhile, Z's problems triple when his wife gets murdered and Zi Ling becomes a prime suspect for the crime. Amidst all these, romance sparks fly between Si Feng and the professor's assistant Jiawen . 3 deaths have occurred. Who is the real murderer? Will Zi Ling get jailed for a murder she was not responsible for? Will Z be able to save her?

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