Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Undisclosed

The Undisclosed is an action thriller drama produced by Mediacorp TV Channel 8. The drama made its debut on 3 April 2006 in Singapore, and ended its run on 28 April 2006.

This is the first drama Li Nanxing acted in after his divorce with Yang Libing.

This show was ranked at 9th position for Year 2006 in terms of viewership ratings, while Li Nanxing won the Best Actor award in the Star Awards 2006 for his role in this drama.

It is currently re-broadcasted starting from 16 June 2008 at every weekday night, 11pm on MediaCorp TV Channel 8.


Carol, who works in a bank in Hong Kong, returns to Shang City to throw her wedding dinner after her marriage to a Hongkonger, Superintendent Cheng Musheng in Hong Kong. She disappears on the 2nd day of her return after meeting up with her longtime buddy, Rachel. Yan Kexin, a detective who knew Carol in their university days, volunteers to take on the case and devotes all her time to locate the missing Carol. Meanwhile, Musheng also embark on a relentless search for his fiancée with the help of Rachel.

During the investigation, Kexin discovers that there may be a plot against Carol by her stepmother, Zeng Bixing and her son Zeng Tianci due to a will left behind by Carol's mother. Musheng also discovers that members of a secret society are also looking for Carol. Just then, someone claims to have spotted Carol. Does this mean that Carol is still alive? Why did she pull a disappearing act? Did she concoct and set up her own disappearance and how did she get herself involved with the secret society?

The case becomes more intriguing when Carol's body was discovered. With the combined efforts of Kexin and Musheng, both of them began to unravel the evil mysteries revolving around Carol's disappearance.


Main Cast

*Li Nanxing as Cheng Mu Sheng
*Huang Biren as Yan Ke Xin
*Constance Song as Rachel

Supporting Cast

*Ong Ai Leng as Carol
*Andrew Seow as Zeng Tian Ci
*Zhu Hou Ren as Longtou
*Rayson Tan as CK Chong
*Huang Shi Nan as Ivan
*Brandon Wong as Raymond
*Kyle Chan as Roy
*Chen Guo Hua as An-ge
*Weng Xing Ang as Steven


It is rumoured that The Undisclosed seems to be copied from the American drama,

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