Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Truth (TV Drama)

The Truth is a Singaporean modern suspense drama, which was telecasted on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. It made its debut on 7 April 2008 and ended its run on 2 May 2008. It was screened at 9pm every weekday night. The serial consists of 20 episodes.



* Tay Ping Hui as Lu Zhiwei
* Joanne Peh as Chen Shuxian
* Shaun Chen as Alex Su
* Rebecca Lim as Chen Shufen
* Zhu Houren as Su Zhenyuan
* Richard Low as Lu Rongguang
* Zhu Yuye as Susan Ong

Minor Characters

* Jack Neo as Psychologist
* Huang Wenyong as Loanshark #1
* as Loanshark #2
* Wang Fa as James


Murder Conspiracy

Su Zhenyuan is the president of a conglomerate and he finally receives the will and a priceless treasure map his father Su Jincai left behind 20 years ago.

Chen Shuxian has just been employed by Zhenyuan’s company and her sister Shufen is here in Singapore to perform with her orchestra. Mum Cai Ximei arrives from Malaysia to watch Shufen’s performance but soon dies suddenly.

As CID detective Lu Zhiwei takes down Shuxian and Shufen’s statements, Zhenyuan appears out of the blue and claims to have met Ximei before she died. He also claims his friend Chen Chunsheng is the girls’ father and has asked him to hand $10,000 to them.

Shuxian is shocked to realise Zhenyuan is her boss, and that Shufen’s boyfriend Alex is Zhenyuan’s only son and also the company’s Human Resource manager.

Revelation of the conspiracies

Zhiwei unearths a photo of Ximei with Chunsheng at Shuxian’s old home; Chunsheng is in fact Zhenyuan! He finally confesses that he is indeed Shuxian and Shufen’s biological father. Shuxian cannot bring herself to tell Shufen the news and could only beg her to leave Alex, now her half-brother.

When Zhiwei’s father Rongguang hears of this secret, he proposes a revenge plan to Shuxian. The latter pretends to forgive Zhenyuan; but allies herself with Rongguang, managing director of the company, to embezzle company funds. Rongguang has eyed Zhenyuan’s treasure map for the past 20 years and to lay his hands on it, even ‘sacrifices’ the woman he loves, Susan , to Zhenyuan to become the latter’s wife. Zhenyuan divorces her upon discovering her affair with Rongguang. When Susan realises she’s only Rongguang’s pawn in this game, she attempts suicide. Although rescued, she soon dies mysteriously.

Zhiwei begins to suspect his father. Rongguang denies all involvement and spills another secret: Susan is Zhiwei’s biological mother and Alex is Zhiwei’s half-brother!


Alex confronts Rongguang after finding out his mother’s affair. The latter raises doubts about Zhenyuan’s true identity and hints that Alex should be the rightful heir! Consumed by greed, Alex conspires with Rongguang to drug both Shufen and Zhenyuan and take photos of them in bed together. News of their ‘incest’ erupts; and being unable to face the world, Shufen jumps off a building to her apparent death.

Zhenyuan reveals his true identity to Shuxian: he is in fact Chen Chunsheng and Su Zhenyuan is his twin brother. How did he managed to switch identities? How far will Rongguang go to get the treasure map? Why did Ximei and Susan die inexplicably?

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