Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Unbeatables I


*Li Nanxing as Yan Fei/Lin Jianfei
*Zoe Tay as Luo Qifang/Long Jiajia
*Zhu Houren as Long Tingguang
*Chen Shucheng as Yan Kun
*Cassandra See as Luo Wenxin
*Lin Yisheng as He Xiangnan
*Liang Weidong as Cai Haijie
*Hong Huifang as Qiu Huaifeng


King of Gambler, Yan Kun and King of Deception, Long Tingguang, both set their eyes on Coral Island - an undeveloped empty island- for their future casino landmark. Through an underhand method, Tingguang won the gambling match with Yan Kun and thus acquired the right of the island. He even forced Yan Kun to blind his own eyes, forced Yan's wife to commit suicide and left Yan's five-years old son an orphan.

18 years later, Yan's son grew up under disguised name, Lin Jianfei. His happy go-lucky attitude is a cover for his ultimate goal: to avenge his parents' misfortunate. His high gambling skills drew the attention of Tingguang's enemy, Qiu Huaifeng. She hired Jianfei to work for her family's casino and Jianfei used this opportunity to perfect his gambling skills.

Jianfei and his friend, Xiangnan were arrested for illegal gambling mistakenly by policewoman, Luo Qifang. Qifang and his sister, Wenxin, both turn out to be his neighbor. Over time, the once bickering partners become romantic linked. Jianfei was so trusting of the relationship that he revealed his true identity as Yan Fei, the only son of King of Gamblers.

Just as the romance blossom between this young couple, Qifang discovered that she was actually Long Jiajia - the long lost daughter and the only surviving child of Long Tingguang, Yan Fei's arch enemy.


* The only Singapore series with gambling theme.
* The drama was nominated and won "The Most Popular Drama" in 1994 Star Awards - Singapore annual award ceremony.
* Both lead actor, Li Nanxing and Zoe Tay were voted "The Most Popular Male Artiste" and "The Most Popular Female Artiste" respectively in 1994 Star Awards

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