Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Vagrant

The Vagrant is a Chinese drama. It was produced by Mediacorp, a television station in Singapore. The cast includes Mediacorp's Ah Ge, Li Nanxing, Huang Biren, Zhang Yaodong, Le Yao, Huang Yiliang, and Tracer Wong. ''The Vagrant'' was one of the highest rated drama serials in 2002.


The story centers around a young man, Ah Bao , who grew up in a violent environment and how he deals with life after his term in prison. At the age of 21, Ah Bao landed up in jail after his friend and girlfriend betrayed him during a robbery he took part in. While in jail, Ah Bao plotted his revenge against the people who betrayed him.

Upon his release from prison, he discovers that his friend is now mentally retarded and that his friend's ex-girlfriend has remarried. He learns that the couple has left behind children, who are abused by their foster family. Feeling sorry for them, Ah Bao decides to take care of the children.

Ah Bao ends up renting a place from Shushu , a chicken rice seller, who is infamous for her weird temper. Living under the same roof, Ah Bao learns that Shushu's temperament is due to her husband's betrayal when she had breast cancer. As time goes by, the couple discovers the nicer side of each other and learns about trust again.

Just when life seems to be turning better for Ah Bao, he discovers the truth about his downfall 10 years ago. He decides to uncover the mastermind behind. Is Ah Bao taking a wrong step in his life again?


Main Cast

*Li Nanxing as Ah Bao/ Liu Xiaoming
*Huang Biren as Gan Shushu

Supporting cast

*Edmund Tay as Ah Lang
*Huang Yiliang as Huang Jinlang
*Huang Shinan as Du Wei
*Joey Swee as Cecillia
*Ang Ching Hui as Ke-ai
*Zhang Jiaqi as Kele
*Tracer Wong as Mao Nana
*Yao Wenlong as Liu Dehua/ Yiyang Zi
*Zhang Yaodong as Gan Yuan
*Le Yao as Xiaomin
*Lin Xiangping as Song Xintian

Nominations and awards

Star Awards 2002

*Won: Best Actor, Li Nanxing
*Won: Best Supporting Actor, Huang Yiliang
*Nominated: Best Supporting Actress, Tracer Wong
*Nominated Best Drama Serial
*Nominated: Young Talent, Ang Ching Hui

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